Date: Sunday September 18th 
Time: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Setup: Anytime after 7:30 AM

Rain Date: If the weather sucks, no rain date. I'll refund you guys and reschedule it, if the new date works for you, we'll do this all over again. 

Expected Attendance : 500 people +

Location: Buchanan Park. Race Ave and Buchanan Ave, Downtown Lancaster

Vendor Call:
We're looking to have an actual yard sale, the intent is for locals, dealers, collectors, hoarders, to unload the vintage things they are tired of.

Inventory Rules:

  • It must be vintage, 20 years or older, unless it was made by you or up-cycled.  The pricing must be cheap and "yard sale" oriented, unless you are peddling your own handmade stuff. 
  • Clothing, art, housewares, glassware, vinyl, you name it. You can have a rack/display of fancier stuff, but the goal is for 75% of your space to be a "true yard sale / flea market" priced area.
  • I'm tired of cute fancy pop ups with $16 soap, I want this to be a real- deal vintage yard sale.

Your Setup Space: 

  • This is a huge park, we're setting up on the corner in a big field, I'm not marking spaces, you'll show up and I'll be like "How about you set up under that tree, babe!".
  • Bring any fixtures you deem necessary for your set up. You aren't getting a 10x10 space, your getting whatever space you are prepared to rock. Go big, or go small and leave early, whatever, just let me know and make it rad. Throw clothes on tapestry's and sell them for a bulk price, make this like a gypsy yard sale idk. 

My Setup Space:
I'm rolling out huge tarps and dumping 100 gallon bags of vintage clothes. I'll be circling my area saying "Make a pile get a price"; and will be selling off my stuff for $5-$10 a piece. I'm also bringing tables and filling them with home goods, art and books. 

Vending Fee: $55.00 
Pay me via Venmo (@redeuxvintage) or CashApp ($redeuxvintage) to secure your space, only accepting 20 dealers, so sign up quickly. 


We have event insurance for this and our permit has officially been approved from the City of Lancaster. This is our fourth event at a similar capacity, its so much fun and everyone leaves happy. 

Thanks for reading, 


Redeux Vintage