Online Shoot Information

Expectations - 

  • We take your time seriously and expect you to do the same for us!  Please make sure you arrive on time for your photoshoot session.  Times will be messaged to you directly. 
  • Please do not bring any friends, family, or partners with you to the shoot.  Changing space is limited and we want to make sure everyone is comfortable behind the scenes.
  • You will be modeling new clothing arrivals in store.  This could include graphic tees, crewnecks, button ups, pants, skirts, dresses, etc.  We believe photos turn out best when the models are confident in what they're wearing, so you will have a hand in picking out what pieces you want to shoot in.
  • Show up rested, relaxed and prepared.

What to Bring - 

  • Please bring a few different bottoms that can be mixed and matched with the items you will be modeling.  This could include jeans, cargo pants, mini skirts, etc.  We are going for a fun and funky vintage vibe with our pictures so bring your coolest pants, shorts, or skirts to model in but also pack classic fits, even bike shorts that can go with anything!
  • We do not shoot feet, so if your toes are gross, maybe fix them if you don't want us to see them lol.
  • Bring along a variety of jewelry or eyewear to accessorize with such as necklaces, chains, earrings, bracelets, etc.
  • Food, coffee, red bull, water. Whatever you need, we have a fridge and microwave on site.

Hair and Makeup - 

  • Dewy, hydrated, fresh faced natural look. If you need to cake in on, put on a light layer before arriving, and bring some to touch up. We do a ton of try ons before shooting, and caked on makeup will damage the inventory. No eyeliner, think bushy brows, long lashes, dewy.
  • Frizz Free, natural, down if possible. 

Payment - 

  • We will pay $15 per hour for your work.  You will also get a discount of 25% off store merchandise. Experienced? We're willing to pay more, but ask for it and back it up. 
  • To get paid you MUST send a Venmo request at the end of your modeling session to @redeuxvintage.  In the request please include the amount of time you worked along with how much we owe you based on the $15 hourly rate.  Your request will be completed within 48 hours.


If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to our online store manager, Rachel, via email at

Our Instagram DMs can get crazy so to guarantee we see your questions, email is the best option!